I've Seen the Unicorn - A film by Vincent Toi

RIDM Sélection 2014

Official Selection Hotdocs 2014. Outspoken. Outstanding.

Official Selection Chicago 2014 International Film Festival

I've Seen the Unicorn

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A film by Vincent Toi


In the sixties, Mauritius, a small island barely populated for the last four hundred years, inherited a sport and culture very much favored by its past colonizers: horse racing. I’ve Seen the Unicorn is a documentary that looks at life around the Maiden Cup horse race, the biggest event in Mauritius.

The film examines post-colonialism through various characters involved in this tradition, including:
a young fisherman who dreams of becoming a jockey, a Rastafarian gambler, a bookie, an Irish jockey, and the owner of the oldest stable in the southern hemisphere. As the event unfolds we are given a unique glimpse into the lives of the people in Mauritus and how their dreams are shaped by this legendary horse race.

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Day Time Venue
Sun, Apr 27 8:30PM TIFF Bell Lightbox
Mon, Apr 28 12:30PM TIFF Bell Lightbox
Fri, May 2 4:30PM ROM Theatre